When it comes to the middle days of the autumn, at the first hours of the day, the hardworking farmers get out of their Humble cottage to collect and harvest the rarest and most expensive spices in the world called saffron. Most of the people who use this red gold as an ingredient do not know about the hardship of the saffron growing. Here we talk a little about how to plant, grow and collect the crocus(Latina name for saffron).
The best time to plant a crocus flower is at the end days of spring or the first days of summer. This flower is resistant against also cold and hot weather, but the huge amount of water will be harmful to it so farming this flower should not be in the rainy region.
Finally, you put bulbs in soil and watch them until the middle of the autumn. Irrigation is very important for saffron. If it comes more than the standard level, it may hurt the bulbs. In summer the flower is going to sleep. As a matter of fact, they prefer not to get water and get awake of their sweet dreams!
After all these the beautiful purple flower gets out of the soil and fulfills the fields with its stunning color. Every crocus has a three or at last four stigmas. The farmers separate these stigmas carefully. This process must have done in the early morning.
Every year in Qaen region in Khorasan province in Iran, most of the world’s saffron is producing. By its climate and environmental situation, the saffron in this region has the best quality in the world.
So every time you make saffron tea or add saffron to your rice considers the efforts of the Qaen workers and how easily we get our food healthful by saffron.

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